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Supporting Our Community

Straighten Up Alberta

We are proud to support this TV Public Service Announcement for the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors promoting their "Straighten Up Alberta" campaign which aired February to June 2014 on US Primetime Network stations like PeachTree, A&E, AMC and TLC!

Straighten Up Alberta is a three-minute-a-day, easy-to-perform, stretching program. Used by anyone as a warm-up, cool down, stand-alone routine or ergonomic break, Straighten Up Alberta has a number of benefits resulting in better posture and improved spinal health. For information, visit their website at

United Way Alberta

We are proud to have supported United Way Alberta Capital Region's Public Service Announcement which aired September to December 2013 on the following American Networks: A & E, PeachTree TV, AMC and TLC.

It's estimated that 120,000 people are living in poverty in the Alberta Capital Region. It's time for a change. Donate today and help them find pathways out of poverty. Click here for more information on how you can help this great cause!